Pack 5 double layer filters of 99.7% Efficiency (BFE)


Pack 5 double layer filters of 99.7% Efficiency (BFE)

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99.7% Efficiency BFE

The antibacterial filters for Endless® Safe Mask are a certified product with a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 99.7%. They are classified as hygienic protection filters and meet all the requirements according to the Spanish Association for Standardization UNE, having the certificate number of the prestigious laboratory for biological and chemical analysis Abich: 501004992.

High efficiency double filter

While most surgical masks use a 20 gram white filter, Endless Safe Mask uses an 80gr TNT filter. Thanks to their double-layer filter, they help you protect yourself from viruses more than other simple filter masks. In addition, the filters of the Endless Safe Mask are better than those of other masks thanks to their high level of breathability. The U.N.E standard establishes that the breathability must be less than 60 Pa / CM2. Our filters have an index of 20.86 Pa / CM2.

Washable and Reusable:

Each filter ensures optimal protection up to 5 washes. The duration of each filter is 24h. Wash at 30º

EU Origin:

TNT fabrics made in Italy.

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