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  • 365gr. - 375gr.
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Do you like to place the ball to throw off your rivals? Do you prefer precision to power? GLIDE is your next racket. The Endless® Glide range is developed to enhance your control of the game thanks to a unique combination of technical characteristics and high-quality components.

Control begins eith the choice of components. 

•GLASS FIBER: The combination of 3K Carbon and fiberglass provides an extra flexibility to the racket that optimizes the ball output from the bottom of the court.

•3K CARBON: The 3K carbon on the faces acts as an ideal complement to fiberglass thanks to its high strength and durability.

•3D SURFACE: The rough texture based on 3D transparent sheets enhances the effects on the ball, especially in topspin or cut shots.

Comfortable, handy and with an enlarged sweet spot.

•EVA 30 SOFT: The core of the CANYON is made of EVA 30 Soft rubber. Its optimal elasticity and lightness translate into great comfort and optimal control.

•SWEETSPOT : Thanks to its round shape, the sweet spot is enlarged to favor the hitting area and thus improve the quality of the ball output.

Solid and resistant.

•100% CARBON FRAME: A power set needs a solid and stable frame that increases the strength and durability of the blade. That's why the tubular is made of 100% high-quality carbon from the USA.

Born to play without limits.

•SYMETRIC HOLES: The homogeneous arrangement of the holes provides an optimal transmission of power and additional precision when hitting. In addition, the symmetrical distribution contributes to a greater durability of the racket.

•ANTISHOCK: Unlike harder rubbers, the use of Eva Soft better neutralizes the vibrations of each blow, helping to reduce the possible harmful effects on joints and muscles.

Exclusive and magnetic.

A unique design that also makes a difference on the court. Diagonals that print strong dynamism. Vibrant color combinations that radiate energy. The new Endless® rackets attract all eyes and do not leave anyone indifferent.

The Endless® Canyon range is available in 2 weights. What's yours?

345gr. - 360gr. Light and handy blades. Mainly aimed at women looking for comfort and maneuverability. Choosing a light weight helps reduce potential arm injuries.

360gr. – 375gr. Rackets aimed at men and / or women with a strong complexion and with good technique. Choosing a heavier blade provides greater power and speed to each stroke.

Any questions? Do you need additional information?

If you have any questions regarding which model to choose, you can write to us at hello@endlessport.com or call us at 935 391 660 and we will offer you personalized advice without any obligation.


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