In what cases can I return an item?

  • I have received the order in poor condition.
  • I was wrong in size and I would like to change it (Socks must to be in your original package without unpacking).
  • The product is not what I expected and I would like to exchange it for another (except Safe Masks).

In any case, it is essential that the products subject to change are in perfect condition and without ANY sign of use, otherwise the change cannot be made. It is your responsibility to provide adequate packaging to ensure that items arrive at ENDLESS in perfect condition. Exhanges and returns will not be accepted with the cardboard label separated from the garment. If you have difficulty finding a suitable packaging, we suggest using the same one in which you received your order. In case of the return of a padel racket, it must be returned perfectly protected so that it does not suffer any type of damage. Otherwise, the return will be rejected.

What should I do to make a change?

Write us an email to notifying you of your intention to change an item. When your change is approved by our Customer Service team, the new item will be sent to you with instructions to deliver the one that you will change to the courier at the time of delivery.

For changes of an international nature, our Customer Service team will inform you about the procedure and the corresponding cost. ENDLESS will not be responsible for any loss that the package has suffered during the shipment, and it will be the client's responsibility to ensure that said package arrives at our facilities in perfect condition.

What should I do to make a change?

The period to make a change is 14 calendar days after receiving the order confirmation email.

How much does it cost to make a change?

For INTERNATIONAL changes, the cost of the return will be on you.

PORTUGAL: the cost of the return is 3,95€ . If you need a change of size or item, the cost will be 5,95€

Should I send the products I want to change?

You do not need to send us the products you want to change. Once the change is approved by our Customer Service team, you will receive instructions on how to deliver the item you wish to change.


Can I return my purchase and receive a refund?

ENDLESS does not accept any type of return except when the product is delivered in poor condition. If you do not receive your order in perfect condition, please contact us immediately.

How will I receive my refund?

Once the return is approved, you will receive the amount in the same way in which you made your purchase, through a refund processed by PayPal or a refund on your credit card.

When will I receive my refund?

After approving the return you will receive a confirmation email indicating that the amount will be credited to your account within the next 14 days after notification..