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Paddle Paddle Endless® Icon

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The Endless® Icon Palette is elegant and functional. It has a great capacity so that you can store everything you need and at the same time it has a practical, compact measure, ideal to carry it comfortably wherever you go. It is made of high quality materials and resistance to ensure maximum durability. There are 3 options available. And the units are limited. Which one do you prefer?


• Size: 57 x 30 x 26.
• Made of high strength material to ensure maximum durability. Water resistant and extremely easy to clean.
• High quality central thermal compartment (cooler) with capacity for 2 blades. Includes micro-perforated metal hole for proper ventilation and conservation.
• 2 side compartments of great capacity to carry everything you need for your workouts and matches.
• Additional side compartment to maximize capacity.
• Includes 2 independent bags with closure:
- Laundry bag to store dirty clothes
- Shoe Bag to store shoes
• Padded, breathable and adjustable handles to carry the bag comfortably.
• Additional extendable handle to carry the cross bag.
• High quality zippers. Reinforced central handles for more durability.
• Endless® custom metal handles
• Wide and visible pullers to facilitate the opening of compartments.
• Back made with high strength Nylon and finished with a robust and durable construction.


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